What is flexible office space?
26 October 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Flexible Office Space

The way we work is changing. With the rise of hybrid working, businesses of all sizes need office spaces to grow and change at their pace. Flexible office spaces come with a range of benefits. With fully managed facilities, they can evolve with your business.
In this post, we explore some of the advantages your business can gain from choosing a flexible office space like Harlow Business Centre.


Sharing your office space with other businesses is a great opportunity. Whether your neighbours are in your industry, or are doing something totally different, businesses can benefit from the insights, knowledge and skills that other industries have to offer. With shared communal spaces such as kitchens and breakrooms, a flexible office space can foster a sense of community between the businesses that use them.
Like-minded business leaders who share skills and ideas can help each other thrive and foster a more supportive environment for all.

Flexible contracts

It’s often hard to predict what your business will need from your office space next year, or in the next two to five years. With flexible office spaces, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract on a space that may not be the best fit for your team and your business as you progress and scale up.

Flexible contracts give you control over what you pay, and how you use your space.

Hybrid working

If your business has switched to hybrid working patterns in recent years, a flexible office space is a better option than paying for unused office space. With fewer people working in the office space every week, changing your location to a more flexible space will be more cost-effective in the long term. Shorter-term contracts mean that you only ever pay for the space you actually use, for the time you use it for.

Fully maintained

The great thing about most flexible office spaces is that all you have to do is arrive, complete your day’s work and go home. Our spaces are fully managed, with security and cleaning staff, as well as free parking, and maintenance staff available at all times.

Boosts collaboration

You know how your team works best. With flexible office space, you can choose whether to bring your own office furniture or use what’s already there. An open-plan setting has been proven to encourage team-working, and a sense of collaboration. This can increase motivation, improve communication, and help your team do their best work.

Are you looking for a more flexible way of working? At Harlow Business Centre, our fully managed office units are ideal for growing businesses.
Find out more about our flexible office space solutions here.

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