What grants are available for small businesses?
22 November 2022

If you are looking to scale up your small business or increase your income, a grant can help you to grow in the areas you need to. The great news is, there is a wealth of options available to start-ups. Government funding schemes, and initiatives started by charities and other organisations. Business grants vary in their requirements and criteria, as there are options for different industries, regions and other factors.

In this post, we outline three different sources where grants can be found, to get you started

Government grants

There are hundreds of local and national government grants available for small businesses all over the UK. On the Gov.UK website, you can find relevant grants to your industry, type of business, and location. The options may include financial grants for you to use as you choose, or there may be support available to help with purchasing the equipment you need. If you are starting up a business, many local councils offer grants to help minimise your start-up costs, so you can use your finances in your high priority areas.

Business Incubators

A business incubator is an organization that offers a selection of services to help entrepreneurs and small businesses at different stages of growth, whether they are starting up or looking to expand. As well as grants, your local business incubator may offer other resources, such as access to specialised equipment, networking opportunities, and well-equipped co-working spaces for you and your team.

Some popular start-up and entrepreneur incubators include Entrepreneur First, Hatch, and Oxygen Accelerator.

Private Company Grants

There are a variety of private sector organisations offering grants and funding to assist businesses owned by people from minority backgrounds. These aim to provide the boost they need to start well and continue thriving. The government also offers specific grants and funding to women entrepreneurs, as well as ethnic minorities. A great place to explore grant options is the government website, as well as organisations such as Simply Business.

Each grant is different, depending on the provider, and the criteria they have for the businesses they are looking to support. The provider will have instructions and guidance on how to complete your application on their website.

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