Find the right office Space – What to consider
13 November 2023

When you are looking for new office space for your business, there are so many things to factor in – employee preferences, scalability, rent prices, flexibility, and convenience. With each business having a unique set of needs, their requirements for office spaces will also vary. In this post, we’ll be exploring a range of different factors to consider when choosing your next workspace.

Commute Distance

The proximity of the workplace to the homes of your key team members is key. If it’s easy for those with cars to get to and from work, is it hard for those without cars? When choosing your location, consider how far it is from the nearest train and bus stations. The closer it is to these facilities, and the shorter the commute, people are more likely to arrive to work refreshed, and less likely to be late due to delays and travel related problems.

Flexibility – If your business has a hybrid working style, you can probably cut costs on space. If team members regularly work from home, consider how many people tend to be working from the office on any given day. Choosing spaces that accommodate this factor will help you to avoid paying for space that is rarely used.

Future Plans – If your business is expected to grow, you may want to consider an office space with more room than you need right now. In a few years, you may be expanding your team, and meeting with more clients. To accommodate these plans, you may want to consider investing in a larger space, with more breakout space and meeting rooms that can grow with your company.

Distance from Clients – If your business is in the same area as potential customers, particularly if you are a service provider, or meet regularly with them in person, ease of access could be a key factor in them continuing to work with you. An important part of this to consider is car parking spaces, proximity to public transport, and working lifts. All of this will add to a positive experience, and as a result, a positive reputation for your business.

Accessibility – When looking for new office space, think about how easy it is for employees, customers and clients of diverse abilities to exit, enter and move around. Having a well-equipped space that everyone can use with ease will ensure that your workplace and customer experience is inclusive and welcoming in the practical sense.


If you own expensive equipment and handle sensitive data and information on a daily basis, it’s vital to have a space that you can use with full peace of mind, for the sake of all stake holders. Look for spaces that include strong locks, CCTV cameras and alarm systems, and secure access. Many office buildings employ security staff to take care of the premises as part of the package.

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