8 Ways to Advertise your Business
1 August 2023

Whether you’ve just started a new business, or have been established for some time, advertising is the best way to let people know you exist, keep your existing clients and customers updated about your product or service, and get new people on board. There are so many ways to advertise, and the best option for you will depend on the kind of business you have. To help you make an informed decision about where to start, we’ve listed 8 advertising methods to give you some ideas:

1 – Google My Business profile

This is the first step for getting visibility on search engines. Easy to set up, your Google My Business profile can include your address, contact details, opening hours, customer reviews, and photos. It should show up in the search results when your customers are looking online.

2 – Online directories

Potential customers and clients tend to use online directories such as Yelp, Glassdoor, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, and others, to check the credibility of services and make informed decisions. Many of the larger platforms are free to create a profile on, but you can pay for extra features.

3 – Local Press

Newspapers, magazines, blogs and online publications in your local area are always looking for new stories. Reach out to your local outlets with your latest update, recent product launch, or a way you’ve positively impacted your local community. You might get an advertising space, or maybe a feature article.

4 – Door to door flyers

This method of advertising is timeless – businesses have been using it for hundreds of years and is still used by local companies today. Once you’ve had your leaflets printed, you can post them through letter boxes in your local community. This works well for trades such as gardening, plumbing and dog walking, and if you’ve just opened a café round the corner.

5 – Networking events

Find out what meetups or networking events are happening for your industry. Attending these is a great way to establish your presence in your local community. As well as being a space to connect with likeminded business owners, it’s a great way to start raising brand awareness.

6 – Radio stations

For a small fee, you could get an advertising slot on your local radio station. Find a station that’s most likely to appeal to your target audience and get in touch. Their website is likely to have information about prices and availability of advertising slots.

7 – Trade shows

This is a great option for business-to-business companies. Initially, you may want to attend as a visitor to get an idea of the competition and the market you’re in. It’s a chance to learn and make new connections. Investing in a booth at a trade show is a great option if you want to display your services or promote your product to potential suppliers or retailers.

8 – Google Ads

This is a long-term investment that can get you great exposure online. Your Google Ads can show up at the top of the results page. It’s flexible, and you can adapt it again and again to find what works for you. It takes patience, and trial and error but it’s worth it.
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